Vintage Football Card of the Day – 1952 Bowman Large #99 Joe Stydahar

Last night I posted the inaugural vintage football card of the day.  It is card #1 on my vintage football and WVU card list.  The card comes in yellow and brown versions and they are tied for the top spot.  The number three card on my want list is the 1952 Bowman Large Joe Stydahar and it is today’s card.

“Jumbo Joe” is enshrined in both the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame.  He played his college football at West Virginia University and spent his entire playing career with the Chicago Bears.  He later coached the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Cardinals.  On this card he is pictured as the head coach of the Rams.


The card is one of the short prints and is scarce.  The last one sold on eBay was a PSA 4 that ended at $383.  The only other sold one in my search was an SGC 45 that ended at $170.  In the book “Collecting Vintage Football Cards,” this card is #32 on the top 100 vintage cards list.

If you don’t know about the short print cards in this set, you can read about them at these two links:

1952 Bowman Large Football Cards – from Cardboard Connection

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You can also view a gallery of the set here.

I hope that you enjoyed the look.  Please check back tomorrow for another!

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  1. Where have all the Bowman large Landsford and the 57 Sherman error cards gone ? You may find 1 or 2 of each maybe ? They have dried up and fast ?


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