Vintage Football Mailday from COMC

I’m breaking down my COMC mailday into multiple parts.  I’ve already posted my 1955 Topps All American pickups, but these are the rest of the vintage football cards.

I knew that I was about to send off a shipment, so I thought I’d see what cheap vintage I could find to spend most of the rest of my balance on.  I searched by lowest price, so

1948 Bowman #55 Frank Reagan
1948 Bowman #55 Frank Reagan (B)

At $1.55, this is the most I spent on any of the four cards in this post.  I actually bought this one earlier and sat on it for awhile.  It was probably the cheapest one available at the time and I just decided to add it.

1951 Bowman #57 Jon Baker
1951 Bowman #57 Jon Baker (B)
1951 Bowman #119 Vic Sears
1951 Bowman #119 Vic Sears (B)
1951 Bowman #104 Gail Bruce
1951 Bowman #104 Gail Bruce (B)

Each of these was just 55 cents.  I know that they aren’t in great shape, but they are a part of history to me.  I look at vintage football cards the way that Mike and Frank look at bicycles, motorcycles, signs and oil cans on American Pickers.  I wish these cards could talk.  I wonder where these cards have been in their 64 years.  How did they get into this shape?  Were they in a 10 year old boy’s jeans pocket for months until he traded them off?  Sadly, I will never know.  It doesn’t take any luster off the cards though.

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