Wally Moon pickups from COMC

This will be the final post from my most recent COMC mailday.  When you get so many cards, it’s just easier to group some together and make separate posts.

The last two cards I got were of former Major Leaguer Wally Moon.  Mr. Moon was going to be signing at a local card show and I wanted to get a couple of cards signed.  Instead of buying from multiple eBay sellers and paying multiple shipping charges, I decided to go the COMC route.

I ended up buying a lot of items from one eBay seller after I bought these.  That seller had multiple cards for good prices and I was receiving free shipping.  So, I never even bothered to ship these.  To be honest, I probably should have just left them with COMC and tried to get what I could out of them.  Ah well, hindsight is always 20/20.

Ultimately, the weekend that Mr. Moon was supposed to sign, the area saw some very bad weather a few days prior.  He canceled, but agreed to sign the next month.  However, I was unable to attend that show and never ended up getting any cards signed.  Since the cards are vintage, I will likely just drop them into the box that contains my vintage collection.

1956 Topps #55 Wally Moon
1979 TCMA 50’S #137 Wally Moon

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