Well, I learned something today…

Sometimes you can’t take yourself too seriously.  I was writing this post because I was so excited that I picked up a 1948 Leaf Chuck Bednarik rookies for a REALLY good price!


I know that “too good to be true” is something to stay away from in the hobby.  Sometimes, you’re just so excited that it doesn’t register.  Totally ecstatic, I left the shop and headed home.  Then, as I started this post, I realized something.  It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but I did.  The card wasn’t a 1948 Leaf Rookie.  It was the 1949.

o rly.

Yes, really.

How could I not realize this?  Ignorance.  I checked eBay and it sure looked like the 1948 on my phone.  Even when I got home and did some more research, I still thought it was the 1948.  I did notice that one sold on eBay went for a lot less than the others.  The reason, it was the 1949.  Below is the card that I picked up today.  Don’t get me wrong at all, I’m still really happy to have it.

1949 Leaf #134 Chuck Bednarik
1949 Leaf #134 Chuck Bednarik (back)

Remember that picture.  That’s how I made the mistake.  Here is an image of the 1948 Bednarik.

1948 Leaf Bednarik

I was completely unaware that they had the same image.  The color of the card is obviously different.  The 1948 has a white border (and perhaps card stock).  The 1949 is more of a brown/wheat color.  The numbers are different, so that is completely my fail.

Sometimes you have to live and learn.  Or do more research.  I’m still happy with the pickup, though.




  1. I got it in and it was a reprint! lol research is important! Well i am happy to announce I just picked up my first graded 49 bednarik!! Paid $150 for it, it is a PSA 4. I am so stoked! Nice card!

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