WHY is this card selling for so much?

Earlier this week I was in a discussion on Twitter.  It involved the Kris Bryant 2016 Heritage Superfractor and the ridiculous price that it sold at.


It only took a few days, but I’ve found something more ridiculous.

I haven’t cared about basketball since the late 1990s and I have no idea what’s going on with cards in that world.  A Sports Collectors Daily Facebook post this afternoon mentioned that Stephen Curry Topps rookies are pulling some serious money.  They provided a link to eBay items and I had to check it out.


What is it that I don’t know about this card?  I don’t believe it’s a short print.  There are about 100 of them available on eBay at the moment.  It’s not autographed.  It’s not numbered.  A raw copy sold today for $390!  WHAT?!?!?!!!!

I get that he’s the reigning MVP.  I get that he’s probably the hottest commodity in basketball cardboard at the moment.  I can’t understand this price, though.  Someone that follows basketball, please give me a rational explanation for this.  I beg you!

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