Wrapper Redemption #Mailday

The title of this post is intentionally a little misleading.  I love Upper Deck, but the distribution for the hockey wrapper redemption program irritates me.  A lot.  For some reason, they only make it available to those in Canada.

I know that most likely I will buy the card as a single anyway.  However, I don’t like that the decision is made by Upper Deck that none of the great hockey collectors in the States can participate in the program.

Anyway, the mail day.  I do love that the promo is a red border promo, since Andrew Shaw is a Blackhawk (for now).

img350 img351

As of this writing, I am just one card short of the 2015-16 OPC Rainbow.  The only one that I need is the Black Rainbow /100 version.  There are a couple on eBay, but they are in Canada and I am not willing to pay more than $3 shipping at this point.

For The Andrew Shaw Project as a whole, I now have 106/146 cards (per the Sports Card Forum checklist), including 1/1s.  You can view the gallery of my collection here.  The 146 number includes his two cards in Upper Deck Buybacks, and I’m not sure I will have the funds for those two even if they ever come available.  However, I will never stop trying to have THE ultimate Andrew Shaw collection.

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