You Never Forget Your First

There are a lot of major “firsts” in life.  There are also a lot of “firsts” in the hobby.  Today’s mailday is one I might not forget.

Reading through the first issue of Beckett’s new “Vintage Collector” magazine, I did become intrigued by the 1949 Topps Felt Backs set.  It features college players, just like the 1955 Topps All American set that I’m working on.  It wasn’t anything that I planned on looking into any time soon.

However, after Jason and I discussed the article on the first Trading Card Podcast episode, things changed.  He noticed in the one of the pictures for the article that there was a player from my alma mater, West Virginia University.  i do recall now that someone had mentioned before that there was a player in it, but I must have forgotten and failed to look into it.  I’ve only been able to find two copies of the card I’m looking for and the sellers were asking more than I’m looking to shell out.  I wouldn’t mind getting a graded one (for authenticity purposes), but perhaps a lower grade one will be in my future.

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Somehow I missed a graded copy of Glen Davis (card #20) pop up on eBay at a price that I felt was fantastic.  At first I thought this was a card of Heisman winner “Mr. Outside” Glenn Davis, but then I noticed that the school was not Army.  I still bought the card instantly.  I felt that if I decided to wait and think it over, it would be gone.  So, in one purchase I picked up my first 1949 (even though the date on the holder says 1950) Topps Felt Backs card and my first card graded by SGC.

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Someone (I can’t remember who) suggested that since I am starting to move into vintage that I check out the boards on, a board that focuses on vintage.  I read through a lot of threads and can say that I’ve learned a lot and also found additional books and magazines that I will be checking out.

It appears that among the vintage football collectors there, SGC is the preferred grader.  I haven’t yet posted a thread asking “why,” but based on the knowledge these gentlemen have, I just feel that I can trust them.  I’ve never been much into grading and have only made one submission ever, to Beckett.  I have definitely warmed up to acquiring more SGC graded cards.  However, for my own submissions, I will likely stick with Beckett.  It doesn’t hurt that they set up at our local shows and take submissions.  I can pick them up at the next month’s card show.

Since I’ve changed what I’m buying, my maildays have become much more sporadic.  On the positive note, that’s made this mailday much more rewarding!

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