Card Show Disappointment and Finds

Kin Kinsley
November 26, 2016

I was a bad fan today. About 2:30, it hit me that I’d intended to go to the card show that is about five miles from the house. At 2:30, both the WVU game and Iron Bowl were starting. Oops.

I REALLY wanted to head over because at the last show (two weeks ago), one of the sellers had 15 2013-14 Panini Prizm Hanger Packs. I should have bought them. Each one contained three packs and a pack of three red prizms, exclusive to these target packs. So, I decided to head over, grab them and hopefully be back within an hour.

Unfortunately he had already sold them. To say I was bummed is putting it mildly, but I will be over it in a few days. I still did pick up a few things, all from that same seller.

From the quarter box

The first two cards I picked up for my collection.  I’m not sure if I had the David Carpenter, but I bought the clear cut acetate version yesterday on COMC, so for a quarter, I figured that I’d go ahead and get this one for the rainbow…just in case.  I actually picked up two copies of the Jedd Gyorko Heritage.  One is to keep and one will be sent as a TTM autograph request.  I’d like to get him to sign a copy of all of his Heritage cards for my collection.  I sent three this season to him (c/o Cardinals), but they haven’t been returned.  I just choose to remain cautiously optimistic.

The second two card were serial numbered and a quarter, so I picked them up just to list on my storefront.  I have no idea who Darrell Strong is, but it’s numbered to 24.  The Alshon Jeffery is numbered to 99.

I picked up the final four to include in a package I’m preparing from Matt of the Bob Walk the Plank blog.  We actually used to hang out in the same circle more than a decade ago in my hometown.  However, I left and never kept in touch.  Through Twitter and blogging, we “met” again and I’ve been keeping Pirates stuff for him.  Hopefully he will be pleased once he received the box that’s coming his way.

From the dollar box

2016 Classics #254 Karl Joseph

I don’t bust football boxes anymore and I only pay attention to the NFL for fantasy purposes.  I didn’t have a Karl Joseph card yet but that has now changed.


I didn’t end up with the hockey packs I wanted and settled for these.  It truly was settling, but this was all the hockey he had.  They were $1 apiece or 6/$5, so I just picked up a baseball pack to make it $10.  I will make pack break posts for the future to show results of the packs.

The seller totaled my up and asked for $12.  That was it for me and I was on my way.  Honestly, this is probably the most disappointed I’ve been leaving a show.  That’s the way it goes, though.

Happy collecting, everyone!


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