Baseball Card of the Week – 1989 Paul Gibson Score Error #595

This edition of Baseball Card of the Week features an error card from the 1989 Score set that you might miss if you’re not paying attention. At first glimpse, it’s just your average baseball card with the featured player in-action and your secondary player in the background. Though this particular card features Luis Salazar (I believe) in the background and he is responsible for this card bring an “error” as he was photographed in the middle of an “equipment adjustment.” The term “error” is used loosely with this card because nothing really is wrong with the card per se. However, it was noticed by Score and later “corrected.” ┬áIt seems as if Score just cut Trammel’s arm off near the elbow and went on with their business. Remember this was way before the photo editing tools that exist today or else they probably could have adjusted his hand or removed him altogether. Nevertheless, this is a unique card that can usually be found for under $2 and is definitely a conversation starter..


  1. Hi I have three of these Paul Gibson cards, what are they worth and how do you tell if I have an a or b behind #595?

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