Dan Carcillo retires. My small PC.

I was saddened yesterday to hear of Dan Carcillo’s retirement from hockey.  Kind of.  While a lot of people didn’t like him on the ice, I couldn’t help but love the guy.  Yes, there were times I almost threw something at my TV when he committed a stupid penalty.

The reason that I’m not as sad is that I know he is moving on to do something bigger and worthwhile.  Carcillo has struggled with the loss of his close friend Steve Montador and is moving on to help players struggling to make the adjustment from professional hockey into the “real world.”  He founded the “Chapter 5” charity and plans to devote his time to this.

I’m not going to type out a long story that you can read elsewhere.  If you’re interested in the stories, you either already know of can click on some of the links below.

Gone – from The Player’s Tribune.  Very touching and written just says after Steve Montador’s death.

A Bittersweet Day – post on The Player’s Tribune yesterday.

Farewell, Carbomb: Carcillo announces retirement

Montador’s memory alive and well at Carcillo Cup celebration

I’ve never actively searched for Carcillo cards.  He’s always been a minor PC after Andrew Shaw and John-Michael Liles.  However, I do have a nice little collection that I’m proud of.  I’ll just have to start adding to it.

My Dan Carcillo PC

I’m going to miss you, Car Bomb.  It’s such a great thing that you are doing, though. You’ll always be a Blackhawk to me and a Stanley Cup champion.  Keep fighting the good fight.

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