My second Beckett Grading submission – The Results

In my last post, I showed the two items that I picked up at the Plano show on Saturday.  I didn’t show the result of my grading submission, however.  At the September show, I submitted three cards for Jason and one for myself.  My first submission was bigger, but I’m not much into grading so I only sent my 1955 Topps All-American Jim Thorpe card that I picked up from Baseball Card Exchange last year.

I’m very slowly, but surely, working to complete this set and this card was one of the first that I picked up on this quest to put the set together.  I tried back in the early 2000’s, but needed some money when I was moving from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis, so I sold off what I had acquired.  I don’t know the exact count I have now, but I probably have 30-40 of the cards in the 100 card set currently.  I don’t have them all scanned and posted, but you can see what I have scanned (the more recent acquisitions) in this gallery.

I didn’t anticipate that the card was going to get a good grade.  I knew that it wasn’t well centered and certainly had some corner issues.  However, I wanted to go ahead and have it encapsulated, so I submitted it.  I was expecting a 3 or so, but I don’t deal much with grading, so I wasn’t going to be excited or disappointed regardless of grade.

I will say, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box at the grade that it received.

img357 img358

Most completed eBay sales are PSA and not Beckett (or SGC).  It appears to me that if a PSA and Beckett card are graded the same, the PSA will sell for more.  Well, to each their own.  I found a BGS 5 that sold on eBay for $165 in late August and an SGC 40 (3) that sold for $106 in early August.  Using those as my gauge, I’m very happy with everything.  Andy at Baseball Card Exchange is one of the great guys in the hobby and gave me a great deal on this card.  There are some good shops here, but I will always miss “The Exchange.”

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