Non-eBay #Mailday + #WVU = Happy

This pickup was another that I was able to get online, but not through eBay.  I’ve posted a couple of times about a sports cards auction page on Facebook.  That’s where I picked this one up from.  For new readers, I’m a hockey cards guy, but my true love is college football.  I do pick up cards of players from my alma mater in their college uniform when I can.

This auction in particular had another bidder that was getting on my nerves.  While I understand that bid increments were only a quarter, it was irritating to big a dollar or so higher than the last guy, to have the same bidder just go a quarter over.

2013 Leaf Metal Draft All-American Silver #AAGS1 Geno Smith S#46/50
2013 Leaf Metal Draft All-American Silver #AAGS1 Geno Smith S#46/50

At the end of the day, I ended up winning the auction for this Geno Smith.  I’m not the biggest fan of the college cards that don’t have logos, but I loved the combination of “All American” and the American flag in the background.  Plus, it was a good price.  It’s almost college football season and I can’t wait!

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