Insomnia and eBay can be a bad mix. #mailday

It’s not that I’m unhappy with what I bought this time.  It’s just that I could have been more patient and probably gotten it for cheaper.  It was the result of the deadly trinity – insomnia, eBay and money in one’s Paypal account.  img135

If you call yourself a big-time college football fan, you should know who this is.  Not from his playing days, but from his work with FOX Sports college football.  He also is a co-host on a sports talk show out of Los Angeles that airs weekdays.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a sports broadcaster.  To this day, I still have an appreciation for (some of) the college football announcers.  I’ve decided to passively collect some of the former players’ cards and this fit right in.  Papadakis didn’t have an NFL card, so this one had to do.  It came along with some other USC players, but I bought it for this card only.  The only other name I even recognized was Zeke Moreno.

I could have been more patient and gotten this cheaper down the road, likely, but I’m a big Petros fan, so I don’t regret the purchase.  It will be one of the highlights of this particular part of my PC.  I’ve added a Jesse Palmer autograph and one of the next items I want is a Joel Klatt card.

However, there will probably never be a Mark May card in the PC.

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