A Super (Script) #Mailday for #TheAndrewShawProject

If you’ve been reading and know my collecting tendencies, you already know that I don’t just buy the first Shaw piece that comes available if there are going to be plenty of them.  I will wait until there is one at a better price if I don’t like what the seller is asking or what the going rate is at first.

I passed on the first couple that hit eBay shortly after the MVP product came out.  No more showed up, so when I saw a third one, I jumped on it.  Unfortunately, I paid a little more for it than the first two went for.  At that point, I wanted to just go ahead and secure mine for the PC, knowing that there are only 25 of them.


I’m well on the way to the 2015-16 MVP Rainbow.  The only non-1/1 card left that I need is the Gold Script.  Of the 100 Golds, one has hit eBay and was scooped up before I could get to it.  I know I will have to be patient in finding the gold.  I have only seen two of them from 2014-15 MVP and I bought both of them.  I’m sure the small amount coming to secondary market is due to gold scripts only being in the retail product.  It shouldn’t cost me much when another comes available, it’s just the wait.

I’ve also purchased one of the four printing plates so far.  That I’m aware of, it’s the only one that’s made it to secondary market.  Hopefully the others will make it out at some point.

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