“Collector Grade” Baseball Pickup

Kin Kinsley
September 17, 2016

This pickup takes me back to my childhood.  Not because I was a kid in the mid-1950s, but because I recall that my uncle had some of these cards.  He is the man that I credit (or blame, depending on the day!) for getting me into the hobby.  I used to spend a week or two most summers as a kid in Birmingham with my family.  I always enjoyed admiring some of his vintage baseball cards, including the 1955 Bowman set.

I saw this post in a Facebook auction group.  Since I’d bought from the seller before and he was a fantastic seller, I figured that I’d bid.  I never bid more than I’m willing to pay just in case I win.  This was the first time I won one of those and I’m not complaining.


While the cards are in poor condition, that’s not an issue for me.  I’ve always had an affinity for the well-loved cards.  Also, I like the affordability.  Vintage cards, even in poor shape, will always be “worth” something.

I ended up paying less than a buck per card with shipping.  Most were commons, but not all were.

1955 Bowman #23 Al Kaline

Poor condition?  Sure.  The key is that it cost me less than $1.

As mentioned in many other posts, I have always loved sets with black and wood grain borders.  After picking these up for a great price, I will start checking at local card shows to see if I can find cheap cards from this set.

Because what I need is another “project.”  Don’t tell the wife, luckily she doesn’t read the blog.

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