Local Card Shop Goodies – all #Blackhawks

Recently, I went into one of my local card shops in search of some “hidden” gems that will remain unnamed.  I wasn’t able to find them, but did find a handful of Blackhawks pieces.


I was really looking to see if they had any older Stan Mikita pieces, but when I saw this one, I knew it had to be mine.  Yes, Orr is known as a Bruins, but I have no need for him in a Bruins sweater (unless I could get a rookie).  I don’t even know how many cards he had pictured as a Hawk, but this is the second one I’ve come across randomly and both are now in my PC.


Talking to the guy running the shop that day, eventually I mentioned my Shaw collection and he said “YOU’RE the one that told me you collect Shaw,” and pulled this out.  I had a couple already, but I’ve never passed up an in-person Shaw and that day wasn’t the day to start.


He didn’t have any older MIkitas, but for a buck each, I wasn’t leaving these behind.  I’ll probably move them in time, but I decided to rescue them nonetheless.

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