The debut of “Mailday!” on Bean’s Ballcard Blog

Since this is the first “mailday” post, there will be quite a few on here.  These are all from the last few weeks.  Hope you enjoy!

Yesterday, I received another envelope from Matt in Lowell, IN.  I “met” him on Facebook in a Hockey Card Buy/Sell/Trade group and this is the third trade we’ve made.  We’re both Blackhawks fans, but I’m looking to trim down my Hawks PC to focus more on the Andrew Shaw Project.  Matt has been more than happy to take some of those off my hands.  He’s also been kind enough to let me know when he gets some Stars cards.  Here are the goodies that I got yesterday.


The top two rows I knew I was getting.  The John Klingberg Young Guns is my third already.  I previously picked up ones from guys that I deal with from time to time and that take care of me, OT Sports Cards in Vancouver and Baseball Card Exchange in Indianapolis (my LCS when I lived in Indy).

The Darnell Nurse doesn’t fit in with my “normal” PC, but he was one of the top players in the first NHL draft I watched live.  Oh, and who doesn’t love Canvas Young Guns cards?!  The bottom three were unexpected inclusions from Matt.  Scott Glennie isn’t with Dallas currently, but plays with the Stars’ AHL team.  The Score black border parallels are hard to come by and I think I this is only the fifth one I have.  I think Valeri Nichuskin is in for a big season next year and will be motivated coming off injury, so any rookie is always a welcome addition.

I mentioned this is my third trade with Matt.  Here is an Andrew Shaw stick card that I received from him a few weeks ago via trade.  It’s been long enough that I don’t even remember what I traded to him for it.  I love stick cards, since they are exclusive to hockey.  I’ve had a recent fail on organizing my Andrew Shaw PC lately and don’t even know how many of these I have.  They are numbered to 199 and I probably have six or seven of them.


I received the below items in a trade on Sports Card Forum with Stewart in Surrey, BC.  I love my friends north of the border!  Canadians are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.  If you ever read this, thanks, Stewart!!


In my biggest single card acquisition of late, I picked up a Tyler Seguin Young Guns, along with a 1986-87 Topps Mario Lemieux, through a Sports Card Forum trade from Jeremy in Minnesota.  If you read this someday, Jeremy, thank you for the trade!


I was able to help out Kelin in Georgia (on Sports Card Forum), getting him a couple of Red Wings Winter Classic cards I had and also an Igor Larionov Silhouettes auto.  The trade was for the two top cards below, but when I received the package, he had added in two other Eric Daze jerseys!  I passively collect Daze, who was the “next big thing” for the Blackhawks when I started to lose interest in hockey almost 20 years ago (college will do that to a young man).  It’s a shame Daze’s back couldn’t hold out.  He was one heck of a goal scorer when healthy!


If you read this Kelin, thanks to you as well for the trade!

Finally, a couple of Upper Deck Series 2 additions for the Andrew Shaw Project.  Sellers were (and still are) asking $30-40 on feeBay for the High Gloss, but I managed to almost steal this one.  I got it so cheaply that I still feel badly about it.  Proving that the card collecting world can be a small one, the seller I got it from is actually a customer at OT Sports Cards, who I mentioned earlier.  I actually got a message on Twitter to make sure I knew it was up for auction.  Of course, it was already on my watch list.


That’s all I have this time.  Happy collecting, everyone!

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