TTM Success – Gene Stallings

In my Pat Dye success post, I mentioned being an Auburn fan.  I did have a time where I turned to the dark side and was an Alabama guy.  We were all evil from the ages of 12-18 or so and that was the time I was decked out in ‘Bama gear.  Coach Stallings led the Tide to the title in 1992.  I saw that he does sign, so I thought that I’d pick up something for him to sign.

However, now that my card is back, I have a gripe that proves a point.

My gripe isn’t anything to do with Coach Stallings.  It’s that I don’t like glossy cards for autographs.  I wish the companies would go back to actual cardboard.

Gene Stallings

Nonetheless, I am thrilled to add this to my TTM autograph collection.  For anyone wondering, this came back in just 11 days.

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