The Contest Prize that I’m Gifting

Since it’s Christmas and many are likely guilty of “regifting,” I thought it would be the perfect day to show off my contest win and how I’m gifting it.

One of the more frustrating things in the hobby to me is when people enter contests to win items that they have no intention of keeping.  I’ve seen many that run contests on Twitter gripe about it as well.  Myself, I don’t enter contests unless it’s something that I truly want to add to my personal collection.  I’d rather leave the item and HOPE that someone truly wanting the item wins it.

I’m not going to say it’s shady to enter a contest to win an item that you’re just going to sell.  Okay, I can’t lie, it’s Christmas day.  I am saying that.

However, I entered a Beckett Instagram contest knowing that if I won, I wouldn’t be keeping the item.  I was fortunate enough to win.

The reason I won’t be keeping this is that I am gifting this card.  Not a Christmas gift, just a gift.  My teenage nephew loves sports in general, loves the Cowboys and has some interest in cards.  I told him a few months ago that I’d take him to one of our local card shows, or a shop, but haven’t made it happen yet.  However, I’m certain that he will love this.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face.

Whether we are collectors, dealers or anyone else associated with the hobby, we need to make sure to capture and maintain the interest of the kids.  With ridiculous prices on most of the cards out there, it’s more difficult than ever to get kids, in my opinion.

There are some great card shops like Baseball Card Exchange (Indianapolis) and Nick’s Sports Cards (Dallas) that are absolutely amazing with the kids.  I’ve seen the owners of both shops give kids cards.  Sometimes for no reason and sometimes because the boy, or girl, is just so polite and courteous.

It isn’t just up to shops, it’s up to all of us.  If the kids don’t get interested, the hobby will die.  I’m doing my part with this card.  I hope that you will do yours as well.

It’s about the #collectfam.

Have a great Christmas, y’all!


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