Use Ebates & Get FREE MONEY Back on eBay Purchases

Recently, @onemillioncubs wrote a great post about using eBay bucks.  He did a great job and there’s no need for me to rehash it.  You should click on and read about it if you don’t know about them.  I have another site that I use to get some money back, eBates.

I joined Ebates less than two years ago.  In that time I’ve received more than $240 (all sent to my Paypal account), from using eBates to do online shopping (eBay and other sites) and referrals.  Payments are sent quarterly.

It’s pretty simple for me.  When I go to pay for an eBay purchase, I go to Ebates first.  Then I find eBay (it usually shows at the top for me), click on it, and go on with my eBay business.  That’s it.  I believe the site saves sites you shop on the most at the top of your page.  This is what my page looks like at the top.

Sometimes Ebates doesn’t do cash back on eBay purchases, but it’s worth it to me to go though Ebates.  I’ve also used it shopping other places online to get money back.  I’ve gotten as much as $15 back on purchases.  Something else I love is that you can find sites running sales (see the Macy’s item above, it was scrolling on my page).

There’s also the option to add an Ebates toolbar, but that’s not anything I’ve done.  If you do that, I believe that you don’t even need to go through the Ebates site, it just automatically does the refunds.

You can also refer others and once they spend $25 on a site going through Ebates, you get a referral bonus.  I believe at that point, the user also gets $10 into their account, if they use a referral.


It sounds simple.  It sounded too good to be true to me.  I’m a skeptical person.  It’s all worked and that money I’ve either gotten back or from referrals is FREE MONEY that I’ve used for more cards.  I feel like you’re crazy to pass that up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.  I will answer as best I can.  Maybe I forgot to put something into the post, so I appreciate the questions.

Happy collecting, y’all!


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